WT00 LOG ENTRY 002: Giza, Egypt – GREAT SPHINX

Against my advice and logic, Creator uses her Star Power to awaken the ancient technology of the Egyptians from within the Great Sphinx.

A history lesson is sent through my databanks as the Sphinx reveals its true form.

Though seemingly built as a statue of Creator worship, the Great Sphinx was secretly converted into a defense mechanism to protect the planet from the Great Devourer (see subject: Dinostaur) as foretold by the Ancient Egyptian’s advanced technology (known by some as “magic”) via special spectacles that briefly see through the “sands of time”.

While wearing these eyeglasses, the Pharaoh (the only land-monkey allowed clearance to wear the device) saw the “Day of the Devourer” approaching and hastened for the completion of the Great Sphinx by using Creator’s Star-lighter as a Star Power source. Unfortunately, subsequent sightings with the glasses revealed that the Great Sphinx would be no match for the coming danger. Even Creator herself fell victim to the catastrophe in later glimpses through time, as her Star Power becomes depleted shortly before the end of the battle.

All hope for the future of the planet seemed lost. But one day, a young Pharaoh spied with the spectacles the location Creator falls during the Great Battle. The Pharaoh notices a humble creation residing in this area capable of providing Creator with extra Star Power to defeat the Great Devourer. The Pharaoh ordered the creation of Star Power energy containment devices to be distributed throughout the planet in hopes that these cans (later known as “Star Cola” ) would make it to the area of Creator’s fall and be passed to her through the humble creation the Egyptians dub as the “Great Helping Hand”.

After this information passes through my databanks, the Aura of Pharaohs appear and the Great Sphinx asks Creator a riddle:

“What has one arm, one leg, four eyes and powers the Star that illuminates this planet?”

Without delay, Creator tosses her mint condition “Glasses Guy” trading card towards the Aura of Pharaohs, accurately answering a question that has plagued this planet’s scholars for centuries. The Great Sphinx opens, and the Aura of Pharaohs bow. As she passes Creator absorbs each aura, and the Pharaohs become part of her.

Allowed access inside the Great Sphinx, Creator is bestowed the Spectacles of Time. Creator admires the design and then places the spectacles inside her Star Pouch without use. We continue our journey, unaware of what the future holds.