WT00LOG ENTRY 003: Bangkok, Thailand – STREET RACE
Universal Recording Robot
Initiate First-Person Narrative for Readability Increase

Creator reaches the location of Bangkok, Thailand and takes interest in the area’s substantial student population. I note that Creator remembers her own “school days” with fondness. Inspired, Creator decides to spend a planet day in class. I notify the closest educational facility and make arrangements to ensure Creator’s schooling on this planet goes “smoothly”. My databanks indicate Creator has had “incidents” during her homeworld education.

Creator decides to use the services of the “Tuk-Tuk” taxi transport to reach the facility. Due to its small size and adept acceleration, the Tuk-Tuk is able to skillfully handle the area’s traffic. After downloading the location’s driving rules and regulations into my databanks, I intitiate Driving Skill. Unaccustomed to “Earth hours”, Creator demands to stop at each location she finds interesting along the way. Unable to oppose a direct command from Creator, I acquiesce despite the fact each “pit stop” delays our arrival.

As we near the tardy-free time limit due to Creator’s demands, I have no choice but to initiate Overdriving Skill MAX. Pushing the Tuk-Tuk to its limits, I allocate my memory between driving and servicing the vehicle so that it does not fall apart under the strain.

Unfortunely, my Overdriving Skill MAX does not go unnoticed. Besides catching the attention of the local police force, the skill also releases a dormant power hidden in a transporation bus line known as Bus No. 8. Upon activation, Bus No.8 transforms into a robot and sends its history through my databanks.

The entity within Bus No.8 was originally an alien lifeform known as the “Speed Thief”. The Speed Thief was a feared Galactic Racer that siphoned off the speed of anything nearby for fuel. It took the most elaborate speed trap in the universe to capture it. Unable to pay the numerous speeding fines accrued, the Speed Thief was sentenced to an area where it could not siphon off enough speed to fuel itself sufficiently as punishment. This location turned out to be a congested route in Bangkok, Thailand. The Speed Thief was imprisoned into Bus No.8, forced to be stuck in traffic-jams to serve out its sentence.

The Speed Thief begins siphoning off the Tuk-Tuk’s speed and accelerates. Having been sober and unable to “stretch its legs” for centuries, the Speed Thief pursues the Tuk-Tuk, thirsting for competition and more speed. Creator’s adrenaline levels increase due to the excitement of the race. Though we are running low on fuel, I notice Creator’s own Star Power begins to inadvertently power the Tuk-Tuk as her excitement grows. I quickly modify the Tuk-Tuk to allow Star Power as an accepted fueling source. Soon, the Speed Thief lags behind and once more attempts to siphon off the Tuk-Tuk’s speed. This time, however, it steals some of the Star Power now fueling the Tuk-Tuk. The Speed Thief is unable to contain this type of fuel within its Bus No.8 casing, causing an explosive burst of speed that sends it speeding off into the far future.

I emulate a sigh of relief as I pull up to the educational facility to drop Creator off for class. But in fact, the Star Power increased the Tuk-Tuk’s speed sufficiently so that we ended up traveling hours into the future ourselves. despite my modifications. And so, we arrived at the school at night and Creator was counted absent.