WT00 Universal Recording Robot Initialized
Subject: World Tour
Objective: Data Gathering

Creator has begun an expedition across this planet to discern how her creations interact with each other and their surroundings. Though less advanced than Creator in nearly all aspects, the creations have unique properties in regards to culture and thought-processing that requires further analysis. This journey may provide useful insight and experience to help Creator better communicate with the planet population.

Creator has decided to travel using the creations’ traditional transportation methods rather than her own Star Power. She believes this will increase her empathy level for her creations. Creator was inspired to take this trip after learning from her creations the idiom “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”. It seems Creator has taken this saying literally rather than figuratively.

LOG ENTRY 001: Nevada, United Stars of America – AREA 51

This location was suggested by the U.S. President as a starting point for the expedition due to it being the origin in locating the existence of Creator via what he called “extraterrestrial contact methods”.

The “Message-In-A-Bottle-Rocket” Creator received on her Star Base was sent from this location. The President explained that the creations broadcast signals and messages all over space from this Area in an attempt to pinpoint Creator’s location. In the process, the creations inadvertently signaled a multitude of other life forms that also ended up visiting this planet (some even attempted to pass themselves off as Creator). The influx of other-worldly visitors led to the establishment of this sector as a place for them to reside.