WT00This location is a unique stop on Creator’s World Tour as it resides in the planet’s sky rather than on its earth. The creations here have modeled their lifestyle on a particular perception of Creator, citing legends that state she observed her creations from a cloud above. In living above the earth as Creator once did, the creations from this Land of Clouds hope to become closer to her presence. The creations here explain that they one day hope to attain some of Creator’s “wisdom” and “grace”. I do not have the “heart” to tell them creator left potato-chip crumbs and residue in the “sacred” clouds she rested on as she viewed her land-monkeys.

The creations in this sky location greet creator with reverence and humility despite their own great achievement. They have perfected a type of anti-gravitational technology that allows their land to float above in a seemingly effortless manner. My databanks show this technology has been a source of desire and contention among other locations on this planet for many years. Some of the creations on the surface disagree with the very concept of a Land of Clouds. They feel that the attempt to float above the land they were created from goes against Creator’s “Will”. A few creations believe such an airborne land could be seen as a challenge to Creator, a gesture that the creations from the Land of Clouds have risen to “equal footing” with her. I note that many cultures on this planet differ in their beliefs about Creator and what her “will” is. To my own databanks, this particular method of “reaching out” to Creator from the sky is similar to the method the land-living creations used when they sent rockets into the stars to find her. Despite these similarities, the creations are at odds.

Because of these differences in thought-processing, the Land of Clouds formed a highly-trained group of peace keepers they call the Cloud Guardians. The Cloud Guardians are trained from a young age to protect the Land of Clouds from any possible land-based attacks. They are instructed to only raise their PPGs (Powerpunch Gloves) in defense. They silently watch over the land below in case of attacks, and look up to the stars above in hopes Creator will guide their fists should they ever have to use them.

Viewing Creator’s interaction with the creations from the Land of Clouds, I observe no ill-intent from them towards her. In creating the Land of Clouds, I discern they truly wished to comprehend Creator’s feelings. I also discern that their isolation from the rest of the planet is a source of ill-will among certain groups and it would be beneficial if Creator unites all of her creations in harmony, whether they reside on the land or in the sky. To increase her success rate in accomplishing this goal, I decide to hide her potato-chip bags.