WT00LOG ENTRY 006: Venice, Italy – Grand Aquarium

When Creator battled Dinostaur, large meteor debris landed into an ocean causing a crater that led to a great rise in sea level over time.  Eventually, the location known as Venice, Italy sunk undersea and became the Grand Aquarium.

Venice is a popular tourist attraction, making it an ideal stopping place on Creator’s tour.  The area is famous for creations living amongst the sea creatures in harmony.

The traditional dress of the creations here is a modified dive suit.  The area has both a surface gondola transport service as well as an underwater dolphin gondola transport.  Creator enjoys spending time with the dolphins, and finds the swimming here preferable to her sunbathing sessions under Atlas’ tutelage.

The creations of this area show great adaptability.  Undersea, the creations grow reef at their windows as they would flowers above.